I hereby agree to the following terms & conditions governing the online official entry from process of participation in 67th National School Games 2023-24 auspices in S.G.F.I.

1. I have gone through and understood the contents of information brochure and eligibility criteria prescribed there in. I shall abide by rules & regulation and online official entry form process of participation in 67th National School Games 2023-24 as specified in the information brochure, rules & regulation of organization of National School Games.

2. I certify that the eligibility of players who’s official entry form is being filled has been fulfilled according to the rules of championship and also certify that these players are students of class 06th or above (strike out whichever is not applicable).

3. I declare that each one of our team’s players are born on or after the date mentioned in the invitation letter and hence they are eligible to participate in their respective age group.

4. I know that during verification of documents at the time of reporting, if any discrepancy is detected in original document including name, father’s name, date of birth, class, admission number, school name, eligibility and gender, then my unit’s team / players Participation will be liable to be cancelled.

5. I declare that I am aware that in the process of filling online entry form after me completing the entry once I click on confirm & print button then I cannot make any correction at my end and this would be considered as final entry and accordingly S.G.F.I. will make the participation of such players and on the base of this the Identity Card, Participation Certificate, Merit Certificate will be issued by S.G.F.I.

6. I know that the personal information provided by me is genuine & authentic.

7. I am aware that for the participation in National School Championship in which our team is participating we have to fulfill all the required eligibility criteria for age & class in which the candidate is a regular student.

8. I declare that I will not disclose or share the password & code with anybody. I understand that I am solely responsible for safeguarding my password & code and S.G.F.I. is not responsible for any misuse of my password & code.

9. I declare that, I shall be responsible for the safety & comfort of players of my team during their travel from their home to the venue of tournament and back to their home. The travel ticket expenses and the expenses during travel will be borne by our unit. The food expense shall be completely borne by our unit during the tournaments including travel period. Our unit shall bear the expenses of kit, dress, etc provided to the players. Our unit shall provide medical facilities to our team’s players. Our unit will also provide medical & accidental insurance to our team’s each and every player & member.

10. I declare that I am very well aware of the fact that if any player is absent in tournament after filling the online official entry form then it has to be intimated to organizer in writing in control room. If I fail to do so then I shall be liable for legal action under fraud case.

11. I hereby declare that I shall submit the following documents along with the printout of the official entry form which will be obtained after clicking on the confirm & print button. The print out of official entry form shall be signed by the competent authority, coach & manager and with three copies of the same the following documents shall be submitted by chief-de-mission in the control room situated at venue of tournament mandatorily before one day prior to National School Games:

12. Online Official Entries for said tournament will be closed 5 days before tournament dates. The Final Print Out before 5 days will be treated as final official entry form.

13. Rs. 200 will be charged for issue of every duplicate Participation/Merit certificate of any National School Games auspices in SGFI. Payment should be made in favour of "SCHOOL GAMES FEDERATION OF INDIA", payable by concerning STATE/UT/UNIT.

1. Covering letter with authority letter (which is obtained after clicking confirm & click button along with official entry form): Signed by the competent authority whose specimen signature was sent to S.G.F.I. office by the competent authority at the time of annual recognition. - (One)

2. Eligibility certificate: Separate eligibility certificates of each & every player of the team issued by the school in which the player is studying and should have the signature of Principle / Head Master of school and further countersigned by the competent authority of the unit. - (Triplicate)

3. Birth certificate: Separate Birth certificates of each & every player of the team attested by Gazetted officer. Only the certificate issued by the Statistic Department of state/UT Govt. /Central Govt. or Municipal Corporation shall be acceptable. - (Triplicate)

4. Previous year final exam mark sheet: Separate Mark sheet of each & every player of the team, attested by the Gazetted officer. - (Triplicate)

5. Registration + certificate + ID card fees: @ Rs. 200/- per player.

6. Copy of AADHAAR Card

I hereby declare that I have gone through the above terms & conditions and I agree to all the terms & conditions from point number 1 to 13.